Hey, good to have you here. I really appreciate it!

In 2012 I started specialising in keratin treatments as a freelance hairdresser. In those days, keratin treatments were rather new to hairdressers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. That’s why I chose to do an in-depth study of professional keratin products, treatments and brands.

The treatments originated in Brazil in the 80’s. In Europe, they didn’t become known until 2006 and 2007. Over the years, dozens of brands for keratin treatments appeared on the market. Each brand has its own types and qualities. From 2012, I started to try these brands out, to see what suited me most and what yielded the most beautiful results. I then started to use these brands to treat my clients.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that a lot of professionals were also looking for knowledge about keratin treatments. Unfortunately, I’m aware that there is still not a lot known about the specific treatments. That’s why I started to offer training about keratin treatments and products to professionals. By now we are distributors in Benelux for Inoar, Qod and Keratine Complex.


My mission is to transfer my knowledge of and experience with keratin treatments to your company. I do this by supplying the best international brands for keratin treatments to professionals and offering my own expertise on top of this.